Private Events By Kama

Kama Bistro is a perfect venue for an intimate private event. Featuring 4 rooms to host an event ranging from 20 people to 200 people, Kama is a choice destination for an upscale event.

Dining Room Options
  • Love  – Seating capacity of 100
  • Desire –Chefs kitchen seats 10 to 12  guests. Perfect for a sophisticated foodie event with your very close friends
  • Passion –  An intimate space for 50 people, this is a fully private room adjacent to Chef’s kitchen with 4 foot wide tables perfect to host an elaborate event
  • Rasa – Kama’s Bar can seat 40 guests. Adjacent to French style open windows perfect for a cocktail celebration
  • Kama Bistro – You can rent the entire space to host a 200 people wedding or any large event



Event Design

We offer limited event design services to maximize the potential of the space in a unique way for every event. We’ll help you create a style statement incorporating various elements- flowers, candles, lighting and drapery. We can suggest music – band, DJ or our own music- and  walk you through the technical enhancements that will bring your vision to life. Place cards and menus are optional enhancements.

Menu Design

We’ve created special menus for our private events. In addition, together with our Executive Chef, we can work with you to create a customized menu reflecting your individual tastes and personal details.

All dishes are fresh and made from scratch. Traditional Indian curries, stocks, breads, chutneys, and desserts are all house-made. Spices are ground daily. Explore our unique crossover dishes offered – Tandoori Chilean Sea Bass, Halibut Kerala Curry, Lamb Shank Masala, Charcoal Grilled Prime Ribeye, BBQ Baby Back Ribs Namaste with tamarind glaze and 16 spice ochre rub and more…

Our food is progressive, bold and deeply flavorful. Join us on a journey to redefine Indian cuisine incorporating French, American and Latin influences. Flavor is the cornerstone of Kama cuisine.


We’re here when you need us! You’re welcome to ask as many questions as you like and check in as often as you want. You’ll hear from us throughout the process with helpful hints, reminders and creative inspiration. We’ll manage the carefully planned schedule timeline, make sure your floor plan is in place, and supervise the entire process.

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Cooking Classes


Comfort food Indian style Join us for a fun evening full of food and flavor. Take away new ideas and make them your own. Our recipes are deeply rooted in Indian culinary tradition and cooking methods with fusion influences. We start with fresh ingredients and our daily ground spices from different regions. Learn simple dishes from the popular chicken tikka masala to the more complex lamb vindaloo. Dishes are simmered to delicious curry sauces with choices of vegetables, seafood or meat. The ultimate comfort food with flavors and aromas to dream about. 2 hrs. followed by family style dinner Food $65 person Includes wine pairing

CURRIES and MOTHER SAUCES: Flavors of India Chicken Tikka Masala- roasted chunks of chicken, creamy spiced tomato sauce Butter Chicken Makhani- Retro Curry- Lamb Vindaloo Curry- Vindaloo Curry- Goanese Shrimp Curry- Lobster Curry- Mughlair style Roganjosh- Vegetarian Saag Masala Curry- Chana Masala- Breads: served with house made daily naan and pappadam DESSERT: Vanilla ice cream with small batch blueberry chutneyGift of spices to take home for each person Cooking class at Kama’s new kitchen and event space!

SINGH and THE GOAT MENU for 12 pp or 24pp

Starters: Tandoori grilled goat loin chops Milk slow braised goat ribs with Kashmiri spices Moroccan Lamb curry meatballs Goat liver mousse pate Crisp goat belly with pickles Battered goat brain fritters with tomato chutney Main: Indian spiced Sikandari Rann roasted leg of goat- melt in your mouth lamb with flavors of: Goat Dum Biryani- braised lamb shoulder & rice slow cooked in black cardamom, cloves, bay leaves and peppercorn infused stock.

Served with vegetable sides- cumin potatoes, charcoal roasted eggplant, Amchur dusted crispy okra, aloo gobi ginger turmeric roasted potatoes and cauliflower Daily house made to order breads – naan and pappadam Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with house made blueberry chutney Dark chocolate mousse cake complimentary gift of house made chutney to take home Food per person $85/ $20 wine pairing per person excludes tax & tip.


Get your grill on! Join us for a fun and exciting Tandoor cooking class. Learn about the flavors and magic of tandoori grilling- cooking with an open fire in a tandoor oven. Adventure into the flavors and textures of tandoor cooking- marinades, popular sauces and daily ground spice rubs. Mixed Chicken Grill- classic tikka, malai tikka, cornish hen with cilantro chutney Tandoor Chicken Tikka-marinated, grilled, king of tikkas BBQ Chicken Legs Namaste-tamarind BBQ, 16 spice achari rub Mixed Lamb Grill- Kashmiri lamb chops, minced lamb skewers Filet Mignon- marinated, spices Tandoori Meatballs Mixed Seafood Grill- black tiger prawns u-8, mahi mahi filet, salmon Paneer- cubed, marinated, grilled house made cheese

Served with cumin potatoes, basmati rice, amchur dusted crispy okra, eggplant bharta, aloo gobi potatoes and cauliflower, house made cilantro chutney Breads: daily baked naan and pappadam Assorted dipping sauces and chutneys Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with house made blueberry chutney Complimentary gift of Kama spice blend for each person Food $55 per person / hands on cooking class/ 3 hrs. / cooking and lunch feasting on the fruits of your labor Wine/Beer/Beverages on consumption. Fun way to spend part of your weekend and learn secrets of Indian cooking to make part of your own cooking style.

Samosa and Stuffed Naan Cooking Class

Popular Indian breads cooked in tandoor oven samosa and naan: stuffed with various fillings Samosa – hand formed savory pastry triangles baked in tandoor oven. Secret to it’s popularity is the endless possibilities for fillings. India’s original street food. Simple, delicious and versatile. Vegetable- spiced potato, green pea Paneer- house made paneer cheese and spinach Sweet potato- caramelized yamas, tamarind, jaggery Lamb- spiced minced lamb Chicken- tandoori shredded chicken with green chilis, coriander, ginger, tamarind chutney Pork Namaste- glazed slow cooked pork belly, 16 spice achari rub, apple chutney Sweet & savory- dried fruit, nuts, raisins, cherry chutney.

Naan- soft and crispy flatbread baked in a tandoor, from which tandoori cooking takes it’s name. Stuffed with: Spiced potatoes, paneer (house made cheese) Spinach, paneer Eggplant bharta- charcoal roasted mashed eggplant Spiced ground lamb Beef mince laced with dripping, green chili, yogurt Garlic / butter Onion and green chilis Bittersweet chocolate, cherry chutney Hands on cooking class / 2 hrs. $40 per person Beverages/wine/beer on consumption. Nothing tastes better than to feast on the fruits of your own labor! Have fun, socialize and enjoy plates of your handmade delights.

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