Kama Bistro La Grange Accolade


Lunchbreak: Tandoori halibut from Kama Indian Bistro

Tandoori Halibut Marinade – 1 halibut fillet, salt, 1/2 tsp garam masala (proprietary spice blend, off the shelf can also be used), 1/2 Tbs garlic 1/2 tsp red chili, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/2 Tbs fresh minced ginger, homemade yogurt and fresh orange juice mix, 2 Tbs each (..)


Michelin Guide Recommended

Seducing one’s appetite is the chef’s playful intent with unlikely ingredients like shrimp koliwara batched in onion, chili, ginger; and Achari Masala, chicken massaged with an exotic blend of 18 spices..


10 Hot Dining Destination in Chicago

It would be easy to overlook this small, narrow suburban storefront—an ode to modern Indian cuisine with purple walls, low, luminous lighting and seating lined with shantung pillows. But that would be a shame, as the diverse, from-scratch dishes are loaded with complexity and are well prepared (..)


In hot pursuit of India’s ‘ghost pepper’ by David Hammond

Every now and again, heat-seeking chili-heads discover a new pepper that is heralded as the “hottest.” Heat is measured in Scoville units. The most recent contender for hottest pepper was the red savina at 600,000 SUs (..)


Review of Kama Indian Bistro

Are you an adventurous or a cautious diner? Do you always stick to the usual or do you branch out and try different things? Sure you could go for steak again, but what about Indian? If you have never tried it dont be quick to assume you dont like it. Heard its too spicy? Open your mind and let your taste buds explore the flavor of this intriguing cuisine (..)


Review of Kama Indian Bistro

Located in La Grange, Kama Indian Bistro is a refreshing departure from the suburban restaurant scene. This modern yet exotic restaurant is well lit and offers a nice blend of Indian and European decor. Couple of appetizers are in store tonight with one traditional and one unique to Kama (..)

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